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A king once told his son to take a huge stone up to the first floor of the palace. The stone was enormous; neither men, nor horses, nor machines could have moved it. The prince was very perplexed. After trying in vain, he became discouraged and gave up.

When the King came and asked for an explanation, the prince sheepishly admitted his failure.

"It was impossible!" he apologized.

"Do you really think that I would have asked you to do something impossible?" exclaimed the King. "You should have thought about it! Did I ask you to take the stone up in one piece? If you had taken a hammer and started hitting it, you could have lifted up the small pieces and accomplished your work little by little!"

This rock, this enormous stone, is our heart. Isn't it sometimes so hard and so cold? Our King has asked us to elevate it. We tried, the task seemed beyond our forces, how could we soften such a hard rock.

Let us take a hammer - a moment each day

Let us strike it - let us talk to G-d

The stone - our heart

Will break - little by little

Piece by piece we will be able to elevate it.

(Rebbe Nachman)

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