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Parashat VaYera: Bereishit 18:1 - 22:24
Haftarah: Melachim Bet [2 Kings] 4:1-37

Parashat Summary

Avraham's Visitors
Intercession for Sedom
Destruction of Sedom and Amorah
Lot and his Daughters
Sarah and Avimelech
Birth of Yitzchak
Yishma'el Driven Away
Pact at Be'er Sheva
Avraham's Greatest Test
The Account of the Binding of Yitzchak - Akeidah
Birth of Rivkah

Parashat VaYera
VaYera Pardes
Haftarah VaYera

Lech Lecha

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Bereishit 12:1 - 17:27
Haftarah: Yeshayahu 40:27 - 41:16

[Art by Yoram Raanan]

Parasha Summary

Avram's Call and Migration
Avram and Sarai in Egypt
The Four Kings
The Covenant
Birth of Yishmael
Covenant of Circumcision
Sarai's Name Changed
Avraham and Household Circumcised

Parashat Lech Lecha
Haftarah Lech Lecha
Lech Lecha Pardes - Go Away From Your Land
Lech Lecha Pardes - Sarai to Sarah


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Bereishit 6:9 - 11:32
Haftarah Yeshayahu 54:1 - 55:5

Parasha Summary

The Great Flood
Aftermath, Commandments
The Rainbow
The Curse of Kenaan
Descendants of Yafet and Cham
Descendants of Kenaan
Descendants of Shem
The Tower of Bavel
Shem, the Eleventh Generation
Arpachshad, the Twelth Generation
Shelach, the Thirteenth Generation
Ever, the Fourteenth Generation
Peleg, the Fifthteen Generation
Re'u, the Sixteenth Generation
Serug, the Seventeenth Generation
Nachor, the eighteenth generation
Terach; Avraham

Noach Pardes - Noach
Noach Pardes - Corruption
Noach Pardes - Noach's Ark & The Flood
Noach Pardes - The Tower of Bavel


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Bereishit 1:1 - 6:8

[Gan Eden - Artist Yoram Raanan]

Parasha Summary

The first day of creation
The second day; the firmament
The third day; dry lands, plants
The fourth day; astronomical bodies
The fifth day; fish and birds
The sixth day; man
The first Shabbat (Sabbath)
Man and woman
The curse of Chavah
The curse of Adam
Expulsion of Adam
Kayin and Hevel
Shet, the second generation
Enosh, the third generation
Keinan, the fourth generation
Mahalalel, the fifth generation
Yered, the sixth generation
Chanoch, the seventh generation
Metushelach, the eighth generation
Lemech, the ninth generation
Noach, the tenth generation
Noach's children, the titans

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